MOVE Summer Camp

July 16 - 20

Located on college campuses across the nation, MOVE provides a program for 30,000 high school students every summer. Students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building.

Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together – they spend quality time with their church youth groups, discovering ways that God will use them to impact the world.

MOVE is more than just another conference or camp – it’s an experience! It’s an all-inclusive event providing food, lodging, recreational activities and an amazing program. Adult leaders are provided small group materials prior to the event, and then meet with CIY staff each morning to go over each day’s lesson.

MOVE is committed to helping students take their mountaintop experiences beyond the event by challenging them to become Kingdom workers. To encourage that commitment, each student has the opportunity to open a Kingdom worker card on the last day of MOVE. On that card is a challenge to complete something over the next year, no matter how difficult the task.

Early Bird price is $349 until May 27th

Regular price is $379 until June 17th

Please note that $50 is non-refundable

Cost covers meals & Lodging while at the conference, van rentals & gas. 


House Party

Once a month, Students in grades 6-12 gather together at the Restore Offices for a Party!  The goal of our House Parties are to provide a fun and festive environment where students can have opportunities to make new friends, grow in their faith through practical live teaching and worship together.  We’ll have a large team of adult youth leader on hand to help facilitate a fun and safe evening for students to be themselves.




Our next House Party will be on Sunday July 8th from 6-8pm at the Restore offices. Students can expect Every kind of cereal imaginable!  You know all those sugary cereals your folks won't keep in the house?  We got ‘em!  We'll have regular milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and chocolate milk.  Mix and match to make your dream cereal combination!

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Small Groups

The core of our high school ministry are small groups.  They meet every week, except the week of the monthly House Party.  Small groups are separated by gender and are located throughout the community.  We meet in homes and cafes around the city on various days and times.  This means you should be able to find a small group that fits your schedule. 

You can expect some time to hangout and some group time to share what’s going on in life.  At some point, we’ll talk about our faith and what it means to follow Jesus as a teenager in today’s world of social media, school pressures and cultural trends.  Don’t worry, if it’s your first time we’ll help you make it feel like home!

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RY Summer Internship

The RY Summer Internship is an opportunity for high school students who really want to take their passion for Jesus to the next level.  For 8 weeks students will intern with us at the Restore Offices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This allows students to have a part time job on the weekends.  Interns will learn how to spend more meaningful time with God and take classes that will help them understand and apply their Bible’s better.  They will also develop practical life skills and serve the Kansas City area in various ways. Click below for more information.