An intentional 8 week experience where a small group of high school students from different grades and backgrounds come together to learn some practical life skills and have an opportunity to make their faith their own.


Interns will engage in the following:

  • Fun outings

  • Personal Discovery 

  • Service projects

  • Prayer time

  • Bible and practical life classes

  • Book discussion 

  • Ministry Streams


The internship is design to be flexible for students who want to have a part-time job over the summer. The internship begins RUSH Weekend, June 8th and 9th. Then has a regular schedule happening Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays over the summer form 9:30am until about 3:30pm each day.


Families of the interns are invited to join us near the end of the summer at the restore offices for the graduation and celebration of the interns who complete the internship. Interns will share stories, photos, and videos of all that happen and how it will impact them as they head back to school.


We expect students to be present and engaged every day of the program.  If any days need to be missed due to a summer vacation please communicate that in advance to help determine if this is the best year to participate.  We also expect students to complete the few assignments that are given to help in the development process.



This first year we really want to invest in twelve students who are looking to make the summer of 2018 a summer that will change their life forever.  If you’re willing and able to commit please fill out the application online.  This year restore will be cover the cost of each student accepted into the internship as we launch.