An intentional 7 week experience where a small group of high school students from different grades and backgrounds come together to learn some practical life skills and have an opportunity to make their faith their own.


Interns will engage in the following:

  • Mystery Fun Outings

  • Personal Discovery

  • Service Projects

  • Optional Mission Trip (additional cost)

  • Short Scripture Memory

  • Bible and Practical Life Classes

  • Ministry Streams


June 04 - July 18

The internship takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am - 3pm each week. All activities will take place during these hours. This enables students to have part-time jobs over the summer that easily fit around this schedule. The only exception to this is the Serve Chicago Mission Trip which all interns are encouraged to sign up for, however, it's not required.


This summer RY High School students are invited to the Serve Chicago Mission Trip. From June 30th - July 6th we will be in Chicago serving people in need. On the last day, we will tour downtown Chicago, visit the top of Willis Tower and much more. This trip will replace our usual summer camp. Interns are highly encouraged to sign up and go! However, you can still do the internship without going on the mission trip.


"It was either the internship or get a full-time job over the summer... I thought I was just picking the better of two unattractive options. But wow... this internship was life-changing. Not at all what I expected and that's a good thing! Signing up again next year!"

- Ethan Williams (Freshman)

"Through the Bible discussions and heart-to-heart talks, I've truly learned to accept that He will fight our battles for us. The internship provides you with not only new earthly best friends but also a stronger relationship with our heavenly best friend, Jesus."

-Hannah Tristan (Sophomore)

β€œThe internship helped me realize the importance of my time with Jesus on a regular basis, and how much I can learn about his life just by reading one verse in scripture. Also, it showed me that I am more patient with others than I previously thought I was!”

- Lilli Brockman (Senior)

"It brought me together with people who made me better. It helped me realize that I am never alone. I'm embracing that Jesus can use my past mistakes to help others today."

-AJ Buckley (Freshman)


Early Bird Registration - $49 by Feb. 17th

Regular Registration $69 by April 28th

The registration fee covers a welcome pack which includes:

  • New Bible for first timers

  • Journal

  • RY Internship T-shirt

  • Book for the summer

  • Binder

  • A few surprises