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A Questionable Life

A Questionable Life

Live your life in such a way it causes people to question why…and then tell them. The series addresses several important areas of our faith: 1. Our need to share it with others so they may know of the hope we have in Jesus. 2. Our (often) lack of opportunity to share it with others,…

Hope For Everyone

Community Christmas Celebrations

Here is the list of Restore’s 2014 Community Christmas Celebrations. Park Hill High School 7701 NW BARRY RD, KANSAS CITY, MO DECEMBER 23RD, 6PM DECEMBER 24TH, 5 & 7PM South Valley Middle School 1000 MIDJAY DR, LIBERTY, MO DECEMBER 24TH, 5:00PM Border Star Elementary School 6321 WORNALL RD, KANSAS CITY, MO DECEMBER 22ND, 7PM

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